The population of Karachi has increased tremendously in the last three decades reaching approximately 18 million, but the water supply has stayed the same in 20 years. The bad news is that the Indus River System Authority (Irsa) had refused to increase the supply. This was a thriving economic hub, but has now been reduced to a semi-dead city; the city of lights is no more. The worst problem that personally I feel is beyond any control is the sewerage system. The roads in my area are overflowing with dirty water and walking through it is becoming impossible. In some places this sewerage water mixes with the drinking water and spreads diseases. The politicians promise the people that they’ll solve all their problems but these remain empty promises. However, government officials seem least bothered to solve the problems in my area. If the government’s attitude remains like this I don’t know who will solve our problems, maybe we can all do so, on the bases of self help, instead of looking at the government any more.AMMARAH HASHIM, Karachi, May 20.