ISLAMABAD - Terming the matter of removing the name of former premier Raja Pervez Ashraf from the ECL beyond its jurisdiction, Accountability Court Islamabad directed him (Perez) to approach Islamabad Lahore Court for the purpose.

Pervez wanted to proceed abroad to attend a seminar and also to perform Umra for which he had moved the Accountability Court Islamabad for removal of his name from the ECL, however, the court expressed its inability to do so because the matter is beyond its jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, the court summoned Raja Pervez today for his formal indictment in another corruption matter relating to his alleged corruption in Saho Wal and Peeran Ghaib rental power projects. The Accountability Court in Islamabad on Monday announced the verdict on his plea to remove his name from the Exit Control List (ECL).

The petition was heard by AC Judge Muhammad Bashir. Defence lawyer Farooq H. Naek pleaded that the name of his client should be removed from ECL as he intended to go abroad to attend some international conferences and perform Umrah.

Naek said that the court has exempted his client to even personally appear before the court. In the given circumstances the name of Raja Pervez Ashraf should be removed from the ECL.

The Judge of AC stated that this court is not the proper forum to file such an application and the applicant should move Islamabad High Court (IHC) in this regard.

Later, talking to media, Farooq Naek said that they are following the correct procedure and will now contact IHC.

Raja Pervez, an accused in the Rental Power Projects (RPPs) corruption references, was placed on the ECL last year following the end of his five-year term of PPP government.

He has been accused of having received kickbacks and commission in the RPPs deal when he was federal minister for water and power in 2008.

In the RPP scam, nine firms were accused of receiving more than Rs22 billion as mobilisation advance from the government to commission the projects, but most of them did not set up their plants and a few which installed some plants after an inordinate delay.

Earlier on May 29, during the hearing of the plea of Ashraf, Accountability Judge Bashir had remarked that placing or removing name of an accused from the ECL is a prerogative of the federal government and the trial court could not pass any direction in this regard.