ISLAMABAD -  Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) has released payment of Rs 17.715 billion to around 4.6 million beneficiaries for the last quarter of FY 2013-14.

The performance of BISP for the current financial year has been admirable since the targets set for the Programme have been accomplished. Following a strategy of large-scale mobilization and massive beneficiary outreach activities through Tehsil offices, BISP has not only been able to achieve the mark but also overshot the targets to a significant extent.

The current payment has been released for the April-June 2014 quarter, @ Rs 3600/- per beneficiary per quarter, which amounts to Rs 17.715 billion. The total disbursements at the end of FY 2013-14 amount to Rs 66 billion approximately. During the third quarter, 4.38 million beneficiaries were issued quarterly installments and for fourth quarter the number is around 4.6 million, with an inclusion of more than 0.2 million beneficiaries into the Programme through issuance of Benazir Debit Cards (BDCs).

At the release of this payment, BISP is also mindful of the fact that many unscrupulous elements will try to exploit the situation, swindling money from beneficiaries of BISP and non-beneficiaries as well. It is reiterated that there is no fee attached to being a right-holder of BISP and any such activities are condemned by the organization. To deal with such problems and other complaints, BISP has a rigorous case management system with all Tehsil officers acting as faces of the Programme and a toll-free number, 0800-27677, has also been installed to register complaints directly with the headquarter.

BISP has also requested its beneficiaries that if anyone demands any fee or commission on withdrawal of money and provision of any services, the names of such persons should be immediately transmitted on BISP toll-free number or reported to police/local administration.

Since this is the last month of financial year, BISP has also requested its beneficiaries to withdraw their cash grants at the earliest, which will enable the Programme to reconcile its accounts with the banks at the close of business for FY 2013-14.