The Lahore High Court has issued notices to leading politicians of many parties to declare their assets that lie outside the country. This is the first step to bring them into the tax net. How can these politicians rule, when they do not even fulfill their basic duty to the country which is to pay taxes! In any country, these properties would be confiscated and the owners would not only be fined but imprisoned. These are all crimes against the state, and some form of action should be taken. These people should be punished for evading taxes, and since most of the money is made illegally anyway, for depriving our economy.

The Sharif family was the first business in Pakistan that had SROs issued for the benefit of their industries, adding billions of rupees to their coffers. Pakistan is recognized as the second largest per capita donor in the world. A truly remarkable statistic. When one considers the Hindu, Buddhist and Christian religious importance given to Charity, it is surprising that Pakistan, considered backward in the social graces - of which Charity is a major pillar, stands tall.


Lahore, May 29.