The murder of a young newlywed girl, who was also pregnant, at the behest of her family, outside the Lahore High Court, shows the deplorable state our judiciary, legislature and culture is in. Where was the police when she was being pounded with bricks? What kind of honour was the family talking about, considering she married a man, and was not living in sin, so why did the family kill her? Is Pakistan not a Muslim state anymore?

Why is ‘honour’ associated with a girl and who she decides to marry? Was the girl sold by her family to another man and that had angered them to the extent to take her life? Is the police looking into the details of the case? Why did no one stop them? Is it permissible for a mother or father to kill their child if she disobeys them? This is plain murder, double murder and I personally do not want to be part of a country, society or religion that will not punish such a crime. I appeal to the courts to hang the mother, father and everyone who held a brick, and those that stood watching so that we can close this chapter of honour killing in Pakistan once and for all. Why is everyone quiet?


United Kingdom, may 30.