The largest conflict in Baluchistan is the construction of Gwadar Port. Announced in 2001, the Chinese construction project is meant to transform the small fishing village into a major transportation hub. Gwadar is of extreme importance as this deep water port will counter Indian’ naval projection and strengthen relations with China and provides a passageway for trade. Despite its importance the federal government excluded Baloch from the project which resulted in resentment. The project is wholly run by federal government and few Baloch have been employed. This attitude has produced resentment among the people as they see it as an attempt to take over the port by outsiders. Additionally the Government has sold the surrounding land illegally which has further debilitated the situation. Despite its advantages the Baloch are against the development of the port. I appeal to the federal government to take steps to include the Baloch in this project and make them feel that it is for their betterment and progress!


Karachi, May 11.