Her only crime was that she married a man she loved. Islam emphasizes that marriages should take place with the consent of both parties, but in Pakistan, we do not follow Islam or adhere to any kind of human rights. As another daughter is killed in a barbaric manner in front of Lahore High Court, where dozens of security personnel and law enforcement officers are stationed, no one even thought of stepping forward to help this poor helpless pregnant girl!

Lahore, a city in which the Government machinery is spending billions to turn it into a modern city equal to any European city, forgets that in those countries safeguarding the lives and properties of their citizens is a priority. The elected Government took notice after two days, only when the foreign media cried out against such a heinous crime.

The chief executive was unable to take notice of this cruel criminal act. One can only imagine what is happening in far flung areas not covered by the media, if this is happening in the most advanced city of the country. The honorable judiciary witnessed this inhumane murder in front of the High Court. They have sworn to provide justice to the citizens, but unfortunately they too, did not bother to take notice of this killing.


Balochistan, June 1.