QUETTA - The All Parties Conference on Tuesday unanimously resolved to foil terrorist activities and foreign conspiracies aimed at destabilising Balochistan.

The APC adopted a declaration which said the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor has become an eyesore to the enemy and it is now using negative tactics in their bid to derail the project.

It strongly condemned the terrorist attack in Mastung and vowed to bring the culprits to book. The APC discussed law and order situation in Balochistan threadbare and presented various proposals for its improvement.

The APC noted that Mastung tragedy was an attempt to sow seeds of hatred and disunity in the ranks of tribes that have been living in harmony for centuries. The conspiracy was foiled by people of Balochistan through their unity.

The APC expressed satisfaction that civil and military leadership was on the same page on the question of elimination of terrorism. There is complete consensus on rooting out terrorism and terrorists.

Addressing the APC, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said China has rejected India’s objections over the economic corridor project. “I want to inform you that China has already rejected the objections,” Sharif informed the participants.

Sharif said some people wanted to sabotage the CPEC project and India lodged complaint with China.

He said he was happy that all parties of Pakistan had an agreement on the project. “I want to congratulate the Pakistani leadership for owning it.”

Sharif urged the nation to stand united and foil attempts of the enemies to create divisions on ethnic, provincial, linguistic and sectarian grounds.

Sharif appreciated the people of Pakistan now understood who was behind it. He said there were elements that did not like to see progress and development in the country and wanted to push back the country.

He said the enemy of the country wanted to create divisions in the country on ethnic, provincial, linguistic, sectarian and religious lines, so as to create dissent.

“However we must not forget that we are Pakistanis first and being Pakistani we cannot allow any such divisions to seep in,” he said.

He said not only there were local elements that were trying to create dissent, but there were also foreign ones that wanted to create destability in the country.

He said Balochs had once again proved that they were above personal losses and gains when it relates to the national unity and a national cause.

He said Quetta would soon have its peace and tranquility again and the miscreants would be wiped out. He said the good old days, when people from far-flung areas used to head to Quetta for summer vacations, would return.

Sharif said he had visited the sanctuaries of the terrorists and saw how these had been eliminated. He said Pakistan suffered massive economic losses to the tune of $110 billion at the hands of terrorists.

Sharif said the terrorists had started to flee from their hideouts and sanctuaries and their network had been broken.

He said effective decision-making was bringing peace to the country and things were improving.

Sharif said power generation issue was impeding national progress and prosperity, and added the present government was tackling vital national issues with great determination.

Sharif also regretted heavy loss of lives and lawlessness during the local bodies polls in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and said they should have learnt a lesson from LB polls in Balochistan that were held peacefully.

The conference participants reviewed the law and order situation in Balochistan and presented several suggestions for its improvement.

There was a unanimous agreement that anti-state forces were destabilising Balochistan, on the behest of their foreign masters. However it was reiterated that all acts of terrorism and foreign conspiracies would be foiled at all costs.

The participants agreed the Mastung tragedy was a conspiracy to develop enmity among the brotherly tribes living together in Balochistan for centuries.

The meeting was attended by Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan, Federal Minister Abdul Qadir Baloch, State Minister Jam Kamal, Governor Muhammad Khan Achakzai, Chief Minister Dr Abdul Malik Baloch, Commander Southern Command Lt-Gen Nasser Khan Janjua, Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri and others.