Evidences and media reports indicate that Pakistan is losing billions rather trillions of rupees from fraud, tax evasion and tax avoidance. Painfully, the past and present rulers allegedly involved in various economic and organised crimes do not show even an iota of interest to address illicit outflows, money laundering crimes in the country.

Financial crimes, such as tax dodging, mega and petty corruption and money laundering, being committed by those born to rule are hurting my country and my countrymen but who cares in this “safe haven for thieves.”

However, time is ripe to pass legislation designed to stop illicit flows, creating financial intelligence units and monitoring banking activities in the relevant federal and provincial organisations and award exemplary punishment to those who are thieving, looting and plundering money and other resources of the State. How long we have to elect, elevate and eulogise thieves an thugs. For heavens sake, save the state and punish the thieves.


Islamabad, April 16.