ISLAMABAD - President Mamnoon Hussain might have missed all the important national issues when he addressed the Parliament to mark the beginning of a new Parliamentary year but he is surely not the right person to blame – keeping in view his preference to stick to his role. 

As a diehard worker of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, he is only expected to do what he is asked to do.

Sources said that the speech for the President was written long before Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif went to London for his open heart surgery and the President found nothing wrong with the script.

So, whatever, the Opposition thinks was missing was thanks to the govt.

The govt prepared speech was only an ode to count the success of the govt while the Opposition thought it should have been a ‘guideline’ for the future amid the political and economic crisis.

Senior PPP leader Senator Taj Haider said if he were the President he would have asked the govt to stop acting too clever and try to solve the main issues.

“I would have taken up the unemployment issue first and advised the govt to make openings for the youth. This would not have been a rebellion,” he said.

Haider said that the other question to ask was why the govt did not know the whereabouts of Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansoor when Washington ordered to hit him.

“As Head of the State I would have asked the govt to improve its network and keep an eye over the borders. The Taliban leader was not a common man, he was a high-profile target and we did not know how he crossed into Pakistan. The President must have pointed this out,” he remarked.

Even if, Haider said, the President wanted to ignore the Panama leaks, he would have floated an idea that the money was being transferred abroad at a fast pace and the govt needed to act before the nation went bankrupt.

“If I was the President, I would also have asked the govt to check the lawlessness, ensure security to the people, to the children and to the country,” he added.

Senator Haider said that the President had a moral standing even if he was a figurehead. “He could be very useful. He can advise. He can point out the flaws. Mamnoon Hussain has missed all this in these three years,” he maintained.

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf leader Naeemul Haq said that the President missed all that needed attention and spoke all that was meaningless.

“We could have ignored if a govt Minister had delivered such a speech but not from the President,” he added.

President Mamnoon Hussain, he said, did not keep the integrity of the Presidency by praising the govt at a time when govt was leading the country to nowhere.

PML-N leader Mian Abdul Manan said that the President did nothing wrong and did not miss anything.

“President Mamnoon Hussain highlighted some core challenges being faced by Pakistan. He also highlighted the incumbent govt’s efforts to combat these challenges,” he said.

He said that the President did touch the law and order subject where he expressed satisfaction over the govt’s efforts for improvement in different areas of the country, particularly in the Tribal Areas, Balochistan and Karachi.

“There is nothing he did not touch. The govt initiated a number of energy related projects to overcome gas and power shortages and most of these projects are expected to be completed till 2018. The PML-N govt is trying to facilitate all the provinces of the country without any discrimination which is a positive gesture,” he stated.