LONDON - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again showed his love for his Pakistani counterpart Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by sending him flowers along with wishes of speedy recovery.

“PM Narendra Modi sent flowers to PM Nawaz Sharif along with message. “All good wishes to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for his speedy recovery,” the spokesperson for Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Twitter.

From what it seems, Modi wasn’t the only one to send well wishes to PM Nawaz after his surgery. United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon also sent a letter to the premier.

Since the announcement of PM’s heart surgery, several world leaders have sent well wishes.

The Foreign Office said, “President Putin, joined by other leaders of Russian Federation, conveyed PM Nawaz Sharif wishes for successful surgery and speedy recovery.”

Earlier, Afghan president Ashraf Ghani also sent well wishes for PM Nawaz.

“I would like to send my best wishes to PM Nawaz Sharif and his family. Hope the surgery goes alright. We pray for his speedy recuperation,” Ghani tweeted.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' spokesperson also shared British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond's best wishes for the PM.