On 1st June, the Pakistan Mission to the United Nations hosted the Pakistan Peacekeepers Day at the United Nations Headquarters.

At the event Never Forget Pakistan in Collaboration with the Pakistan Mission launched the first ever dedicated tribute website to the Pakistani UN Peacekeepers.

The website is part of NFP's tribute series following its previous tribute to civilians, military and police officers martyred fighting the extremist narrative in Pakistan.

The launching ceremony was attended by the United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and the Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN, Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi. Never Forget Pakistan was represented by its Lead Campaigner Mohammad Jibran Nasir.

The Secretary General while speaking at the event paid tribute to the services of the Pakistani Peacekeepers. He said "Since its first deployment in Congo in 1960, Pakistan has been one of the most consistent and reliable contributors to United Nations peacekeeping."

Jibran Nasir while presenting the website said "In the post war on terrorism scenario World Media has often remarked that Pakistan is struggling with Peace but what it has failed to acknowledge is that for the 56 years Pakistan has been struggling for peace in 23 countries through 42 missions."

Pakistan is third biggest contributor to the UN Peacekeeping missions with more than 169,000 troops dedicated to date and with more than 7000 currently on active duty.

Pakistani women have also paid an active role in peacekeeping and DSP Shahzadi Gulfam, also present at the ceremony, was presented the International Female Police Peacekeeping Award in 2011.

The website aims to archive the the rich history of Pakistani Peacekeepers and features a virtual Wall of Valour saluting the 145 Pakistanis who have sacrificed their lives on Peacekeeping missions.

The website also presents stats on the current deployment of Pakistani soldiers and police officers and also records the history of the various leadership positions held by Pakistanis as Special Envoys, Special Representatives of the UNSG and as Force Commanders and Military Advisors.

The website also includes the biggest online collection of images of Pakistani Peacekeepers on various missions around the world. It has also archived the tributes paid to Pakistani peacekeepers by various foreign diplomats and military officials.

NFP aims through the website aims to highlight the positive contributions of Pakistan towards Global Peace and Stability.

The website was designed by following volunteer team members of NFP: Sarmad Ahsan, Batool Aqeel and Madhiya Q for Graphics, Faisal Khan as video editor and Subhan Ghanvi and Arsalan Rauf as web developers.