Not a single day passes without the mind boggling and nerve rattling event related to our ruling elite’s past and present misdeeds. Every time an issue surfaces, we observe a war of words and exchange of insults between those sitting in power and the opposition, which is nothing but a way to fool the general public. Such exchange of tirades however does contribute to polluting the political and social environment. Ordinary citizens have seen this coming full cycle where the main parties in center and provinces had their turns and none fared better than the other. People of Pakistan however have always been torn between ambition and compulsion and the rulers keep making tall claims with opposition objecting to them. The followers of the parties are stuck in delusion that their leaders are honest and beacons of piety.

In reality, the political elite of this country only knows its own interests and the ordinary citizens are caught in perpetual and vicious cycle of poverty and crumbling civic amenities. While the leaders exchanges tirades on corruptions worth billions, poor citizens of the nation struggle to make ends meet. The current scenario that has emerged in wake of Panama Leaks seems to be repeating the same episode again. There is a heated exchange of words and insults with allegations and counter allegations between the two main parties that have been taking turns in ruling the country. It seems clear that farce will lead to nothing as both parties have their skeletons in the cupboard and there seems an implicit agreement between them to keep it at level of words to fool the general public.


Islamabad, April 11.