“Americans, in foreign policy, are torn to the point of schizophrenia. They are reluctant, than aggressive; asleep at the switch, then quick on the trigger; indifferent, then obsessed, then indifferent again. They act out of a sense of responsibility and then resent and fear the burden of responsibility they have taken on themselves. Their effect on the world, not surprisingly, is often the opposite of what they intend… They are revolutionary power but think they are a status quo power. They want to be left alone but can’t seem to leave anyone else alone.”

–Robert Kagan, The World America Made.

Robert Kagan, an American historian and foreign policy commentator, says it best, Americans say they want stability but end up doing the exact opposite. The recent tensions in the Pak-US relations is a reflection of what the author describes US foreign policy to be; volatile and surprising. The US insists that the drone attack on Balochistan has had no blowback, but it is too early to say at the moment. Pakistan bear’s the brunt of this interference, whether the US cares to admit or not.