LAHORE - As the prime minister has regained consciousness after his open heart surgery in London, political parties have come back to the same strict and harsh stance which they had earlier adopted.

The political parties have come back to the same strict and harsh stance which they had adopted at the pre-surgery stage of the PM. The PPP, the PTI, and the JI, the main components which vehemently seek inquiry into the offshore companies of the prime minister’s kids have raised the probe demand at full force with the threat to launch movement otherwise. There is a serious deadlock on finalising the ToRs acceptable to the ruling and the opposition parties while only five days are left to meet the deadline for a mutual agreement between the two sides. And voices of taking extreme action have begun to pour in. Although the opposition is extending well wishes and bouquets to the PM, in the observers’ view, the phase of unique solidarity by the opposition and the ruling parties for successful heart operation of the PM appears to be over and now it is time to take up the actual business.

After the successful surgery, reports from London say the PM has gained complete consciousness and he met his family members in addition to having a light meal. According to tweets from Maryam Nawaz, her father is being shifted from intensive care unit (ICU) to room and is likely to stay in London for three weeks. The independent sources relating to the health sector claim that this duration can expand to over a month when the prime minister will be able to travel back home.

The scale of human feelings for an ailing person was highly in favour of the prime minister before the surgery and speculations were rife that the Panama issue would remain at low profile till complete recovery of the premier. But the opposition seems in no mood to let the issue run out of steam. As such the PPP and PTI are preparing to adopt an alternative course if consensus on ToR is not reached.

After PPP President Asif Ali Zardari denied to have met JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman allegedly at the behest of the PM to seek his help on the leaks in London, the party leadership has found a definite line of action to take on the subject. Similarly, the PTI has threatened to launch movement after Ramazan and is making programme to mobile the people for a big show during Ramazan. The JI is also planning next phase of its anti-corruption campaign after the train march from Peshawar to Karachi.

The opposition made its presence felt in the parliament on Wednesday when it criticised the presidential address to the joint session and made hue and cry on the floor of house. Next is the budget. But before that exchange of barbs between PPP Chairperson Bilawal Bhutto and Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan and the latter’s statement against Imran Khan foreruns the political situation mainly on the Panama issue in the time to come.

After a short spell of controversy over the PM’s chairing the pre-budget meeting through video link from London, the opposition is poised to take his vacated office due to his stay abroad as the next hot topic in the political arena. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, through an internal arrangement, has So far been assigned to lead the government team, but the opposition has not agreed to it. At to the Constitution, a big void exists to respond to the situation. After introduction of the 1973 Constitution, no occasion came when the PM had to stay abroad for a long time for health reasons. However, an example exists when the country had a deputy prime minister which came through a notification by the President.

Senior advocate and PTI leader, Hamid Khan, when contacted, said the government was violating the rules of business to run its affairs without the PM in the office. He said the PM’s office is constitutional and the assembly’s rules of business cannot override it. He said the government means PM and his cabinet in terms of the Constitution and when the PM is not in place, it means there is some defect in the government. He said a serious constitutional crisis can occur in case of an emergency when decision has to solely come through the PM.