WASHINGTON - US presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump is involved in some 3,500 lawsuits over the past 30 years, a new analysis has found, meaning that if elected he will become America’s most litigious president.

USA Today, a daily newspaper,  found that 1,900 of the lawsuits had Trump or one of his companies as the plaintiff, he was the defendant in 1,450, and the remaining 150 were classified as "bankruptcy, third party, or other."

The data goes back three decades and includes both state and federal court cases.

Seventeen hundred of the cases involved Trump's casino business, while others, according to USA Today, were real estate lawsuits involving millions of dollars.

The report finds that 70 cases have been filed since Trump entered the Republican presidential race a year ago. At least 50 total lawsuits are still open.

Latest News Update  Trump Organization general counsel Alan Garten told USA Today the high number of cases is the "cost of doing business. I think we have far less litigation of companies of our size."

A case making headlines in recent days is the one involving Trump University. Several students have filed a lawsuit, saying Trump's real estate investing class was fraudulent.

The case drew criticism from likely Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton who slammed the university as a “fraudulent scheme."

Clinton has also had her own share of lawsuits, being named in more than 900 lawsuits, during her time as first lady, US senator from New York and secretary of State.