LAHORE - On the second day of June, usually the hottest month of the season, another protesting female paramedic fell unconscious on The Mall yesterday.

It was the fourth consecutive day of young nurses’ protest for a viable service structure. The other day too a sister had fainted in the scorching heat.

No one has showed up there to listen to them, show solidarity, provide solace, or offer advice that could help them come out of this misery.

Leader of young nurses Rozeena Manzoor said yesterday that the government was using delaying tactics in implementation of service structure and provision of health professional allowance.

She told the media outside the Punjab Assembly that they were getting only Rs1,500 per month health profession allowance for their hectic job.

Whether their demands are right or wrong, it can be discussed with their representatives at some comfy place. What point the politicians want to make by keeping nurses burning in hell just at the gates of their power paradise?

In the spring of 2014, the tale of torture of a protesting paramedic came to spotlight when they took to the streets for the same cause. The government then made a pinky promise.

At that time, politicians of different colours showed up at the demo venue, and the government as usual vowed to adopt measures to avert such a sorry situation in future. But here in ours promises are just promises. They are frequently made but seldom kept.

On the first day of July in 2012, the death of one and a half years old Fahad at Mayo Hospital hit headlines amid a clash between the government and young doctors.

The young docs had forced a shutdown of emergency wards at all public hospitals of the most populous and ‘developed’ province and military medics had to be called in. Politicians upheld their tradition of expressing ‘solidarity’.

Again, patients like Fahad are in pain and commuters of The Mall (road) are in trouble while the government has been using all its machinery to quell the protests, instead of listening to the paramadics and finding some solution to the problem.