A unique call to boycotting buying of fruit has had its first day and it will be observed till Sunday. The misguided call to boycotting buying of fruits during the holy month of Ramazan was circulated through social media. The message read, “…if we refuse to buy fruit for three days, it will start rotting. Believe it or not, these manipulative merchants will be forced to sell the fruit on lesser prices than the original.”

This call of ‘Fruit Boycott’ was due to the escalating prices of the fruits and the broken promise of the government of decreasing food prices in Ramzan. Though the problem needs action, punishing poor street vendors for inflation is hardly the way to go. The boycott is thus directed against one of the most vulnerable segments of society, already under huge financial stress due to the lagging agricultural sector and its slow decline. This call is also a sign of callousness on behalf of those who can afford certain luxuries, as fruit is nowadays one, against those who live on bare minimum. And if the call gets an overwhelming response then it will be a manifestation of a collective psyche of a society that can only subjugate the weaker sections of the society, but has no access or impact on the corrupt middlemen and land mafias that horde and hike up food prices.

Our keyboard warriors can only snatch rights from the weak. The boycott lacks the moral courage to speak truth to power. One should not forget that the fruit market is not controlled by some agricultural corporation or a cartel. The sellers are part of this society and they make each and every effort to run their household, however meagre, through selling fruit. They do not rob us of our money. Neither do they force us to buy fruit from them. These thoughtless attempts at what can only be described as a bourgeois tantrum will not upset the status quo. They will only cause prices to rise further again after Sunday when demand is high and supply is low because fruit has rotted and vendors have made a loss and reevaluated supply.