SIALKOT/GUJRAT/KAMALIA/BAHAWALPUR-The three-day anti-price hike campaign launched at the social media has been positively responded by the people as they refrained from buying fruit on Friday and pledged to make it a success on Saturday and Sunday.

They said that they will not buy the fruit Saturday and Sunday too as a part of the campaign. They were of the view that almost all the fruit have gone out of the reach of the common man due to their skyrocketing prices even in the Ramazan bazaars.

They said that the best possible solution to curtail the mounting price hike was to refrain from purchasing fruit for three consecutive days. It would be enough to teach some unforgettable lesson to the profiteers, hoarders and stockists, they hoped. They also added that it would be helpful in bringing down the rates of fruit even in the Ramazan bazaars of Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur tehsils.

The price hike-beaten people warmly welcomed the campaign launched on social media, saying that the social media could also be used for the positive purpose. They said that they were ready to boycott all kinds of fruit even for a month in a bid to get the rates down.

It would force the profiteers, hoarders and stockists to bring down the fruit prices, they added. Meanwhile, the people averted to purchase fruit in local markets and Ramazan bazaars on the first day of the three-day boycott of the fruit in Sialkot, Daska, Sambrial, Pasrur, Badiana, Chawinda, Zafarwal, Qila Ahmedabad, Shakargarh, Baddo Malhi, Narowal and the surrounding areas.

The traders were of the view that the anti price hike campaign could be helpful in bringing down the mounted prices of the fruit which have gone out of the reach of the common people during the first week of the Holy month.

In Bahawalpur, the residents of Bahawalpur and Sama Satta protested against increase in the prices of fruit by boycotting the fruit buying during Ramazan.

As a campaign is going on at social media, the residents of Bahawalpur and Sama Satta announced to protest against the unjust increase in the prices of fruit.

“Throughout the world, prices of commodities are lowered on special events like New Year, Eids etc but in Pakistan the situation is contrary to that. Not the speak of lowering the prices, the prices are increased that is why we have decided that from Friday to Saturday, the residents of Bahawalpur will completely boycott the purchasing of fruit,” they said.

On the other hand, district administration has fixed the prices of fruit but none of the vendors are ready to sell fruit on those prices. Fruit vendors told the media that they cannot sell the fruit on lower prices as it would result in a loss.

In Gujrat, people positively responded to the three-day fruit boycott campaign, from Friday to Sunday, against skyrocketing prices of fruits. Although the government had taken effective measures to ensure the sale of fruits at officially-fixed prices but in vain at which people launched campaign against the profiteers. People of Gujrat hoped the campaign would help the fruit vendors mind their ways.

In Kamalia, the impact of nationwide media campaign against skyrocketing prices of fruits in the holy month of Ramazan was witnessed. Discussions about the campaign was observed across the tehsil and people from all walks of life decided to support the idea of boycotting fruits being sold at exorbitant prices. As a result, very low number of consumers was witnessed buying fruits at the markets.

Talking to media, citizens pledged to boycott the fruits being sold at high rates for the next three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They were confident that the boycott campaign would create awareness among masses of their rights and also force the fruit vendors to stop fleecing consumers in Ramazan.