LONDON:- Harry Styles is standing up for his young female fanbase, insisting that people do not give them enough credit for their musical tastes. The 23-year-old singer - whose debut solo album topped the charts in the UK and the US - has hit back at people who denigrate the music taste of younger fans, calling it ‘’kind of rude’’. Speaking to NPR, he said: ‘’The thing is, people stereotype it as their attraction to the music is something other than the music, and I think that’s unfair. And honestly, I think it’s writing people off.

It’s kind of rude. Everyone’s musical taste is different, and there’s no right or wrong answer. So I don’t know who’s the person in the world who is like - that guy has good music taste.’’ And Harry praised One Direction’s fans as ‘’honest’’, insisting that they haven’t just blindly followed him on his solo career and would have let him know if they didn’t like his new music.