LAHORE - The Punjab government has proposed allocation of Rs159.63 billion for health sector with development outlay of Rs 50.308 billion for the upcoming fiscal year.

The government has proposed allocation of Rs 108.633 billion for Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department and Rs 51.33 billion for Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department.  As compared to the outgoing fiscal year, allocation under Annual Development Program has been increased 18.37 per cent. Under the ADP for fiscal year 2017-18, Rs 25.26 billion has been allocated for SH&ME Department for carrying out 89 schemes and Rs25.048 billion for 161 schemes of P&SH Department. The main focus of SH&ME Department will be strengthening/improvement of emergencies of teaching hospitals, purchase of ventilators and ventilated beds with basic ICU equipment, establishment of Mother and Child Hospital in Murree, establishment of hepatitis clinics and establishment of Medical Directorate in Lahore. 

The focus of P&SH will be revamping of DHQ/THQ Hospitals, Disease Surveillance Strengthening of District Health Authorities, Communicable Disease Control Program, establishment of Punjab Health Information System, purchase of Mobile Health Units, strengthening of HIV/AIDS, TB, Hepatitis and other infectious diseases Control Programs.

Out of Rs25.260 billion, SH&ME will spend Rs7.55bon 48 ongoing schemes, Rs .51b on 37 new schemes and Rs10.2b on four schemes under ODF (Other Development Program). Out of Rs 7.55b for ongoing schemes, Rs5.839b will be spend on 27 schemes in teaching hospitals, Rs1.360b on 15 schemes in Medical Education, Rs300m on five schemes in Research and Development and Rs50m on specialized healthcare. Out of Rs7.51b for 37 new schemes, Rs5.377b will be spend on 22 schemes in teaching hospitals, Rs200m on five schemes in Medical Education, Rs505m on three schemes in Research and Development, Rs720m on three schemes in specialized healthcare and Rs 10.2b on four schemes under ODP. Out of Rs25.048b for ADP, P&SH Department will spend Rs 15.986 billion on 87 ongoing schemes, Rs 8.766 billion on 73 new schemes and Rs 300 million on schemes under ODP. Out of Rs 15.986 billion for 87 ongoing schemes, Rs 5.465 billion will be spend on seven schemes in preventive healthcare, Rs 856 million on 19 schemes in primary healthcare, Rs 8.75 billion on 45 schemes in secondary healthcare, Rs747.488m on 14 schemes in Research and Development and Rs163m on two schemes under special initiatives. Out of Rs 8.766b for 73 new schemes, P&SH Department will spend Rs1.56b on 17 schemes in primary healthcare, Rs 5.51b on 24 schemes in secondary healthcare, Rs50m on schemes in Research and Development, Rs482.5 m on 21 schemes under Local Development Program, Rs 750 million on eight schemes under special initiatives.