Over 25 national and international flights of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) were cancelled yesterday over inadequacy of aircrafts causing flight disorder at Allama Iqbal International Airport.

The national flag carrier had a fleet of 37 planes which now is reduced to 32 after five aircrafts, purchased on lease were returned.

The remainder number of planes have to bear the burden of both national and international schedules. In addition to cancellation of over 25 flights, the passengers of other ten flights bore through varying delays, maximum of as long as 19 hours.

In March this year, the federal government’s ambitious move to revive PIA suffered a major blow as management of the national flag career decided to return premier service aircraft to Sri Lanka. Airbus-330 was acquired on lease for premier service of PIA. The airline had paid over $19 million to Sri Lankan authorities in terms of wet lease for this aircraft during span of six months.