No 90-day tourist visa ban on Pakistan, clarifies UAE Embassy in a statement, reported Nawa-e-Waqt. 

United Arab Emirates rejected the reports that regime has put a 90-day visa for Pakistan.

The UAE embassy called such news baseless and fabricated.

A message has been sent to Pakistan foreign office with regard to this issue and asked for investigation for this news, UAE Embassy source said.

The UAE authorities further stated that there is no visa ban of any category on Pakistan.

Such kind of news are being spread from Pakistan and an action should be taken against individuals who spread such news.

Earlier reports emerged that Arab regime has ended provision of 90-day visas to Pakistanis and nationals of Philippines, UAE Viral reported Thursday.

The immigration authorities in Dubai have circulated a memo ordering all travel agencies to stop accepting 90-day visas applications filed by citizens of Pakistan and Philippines.

The revised policy is to come in action starting from June 1st and all the applications received until May 31st would be processed as per previous rules and regulations.