ISLAMABAD -  Pakistan Navy Ship Zulfiquar has sailed back from Colombo after successful completion of Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HA&DR) Operations and relative normalisation of situation in flood-stricken Sri Lanka. The HA&DR operations were conducted in collaboration with Sri Lankan Army, Navy and local administration.

During the four days operations, Pakistan Navy teams rescued/evacuated a large number of flood stranded population from far-flung villages, provided medical treatment and medicines to flood affected families, restored fresh water supply to local population by decontaminating wells, cleared roadways and passages by de-flooding marshy areas and last but not the least, also provided edibles, fresh water and dry ration to displaced families, mostly women, kids and elderly.

Pakistan Navy’s ardent and unflinching support immensely helped to restore activities of life amongst the population of far-flung villages. Shades of relief and contentment on the faces of flood-stricken people were an overwhelming sign of gratefulness for Pakistan Navy officers and men who participated in the operations. Sri Lankan political and military higher echelon acknowledged and highly appreciated Pakistan Navy’s efforts for helping Sri Lankan people in the hour of need.

Naval forces have an inherent capability of flexibility and reach which have been clearly manifested/employed during the HA & DR operations in Sri Lanka.

The operations signify the professional acumen and commitment of Pakistan Navy to conduct such a large scale operation involving diverse technical and professional expertise under a single umbrella.

Pakistan Navy is resolute in maintaining and delivering on its commitment to the nation and global community for providing any assistance to keep Pakistan’s Flag higher.