President Trump fails to remain away from controversies. The decision to abandon the Paris Climate Agreement has faced a lot of backlash, both nationally and internationally, and to withdraw from the accord is simply unreasonable and pointless.

The basic argument that Republicans give in favour of abandoning the accord is that it is consistent with President Bush’s decision to withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol in 2001. However, even that argument is flawed because Bush’s decision had an economic grounding to it. The protocol imposed emission restrictions on developed nations but ignored rapidly growing developing nations like China. His fear was that if restrictions were imposed on America, the Chinese economy would soon surpass it.

However, the Paris accord is completely different. It includes almost all the countries of the globe – except for Syria, Nicaragua, and now America – who have pledged to reduce emissions. By opting to withdraw from the accord, Trump has highlighted America’s complete disregard for global issues and signalled that the country will neither honour the agreement nor cut back on the emissions.

This is a very poorly thought out move considering that developing countries like Pakistan have pledged to cut back on emissions, when their emissions are only one tenth of the emissions of America; and these are the countries that are effected most by it as well.

Issues like climate change will eventually effect everyone and it is important to do something about it right now. Being the global super power, it has the responsibility to act in the favour of everyone. If it backs out on issues such as these, it will allow space for others countries to act in a similar manner in crisis situations.

Trump claims that the coal mining industry in America suffers as a result of cutting back on the emissions. However that claim is also not backed by facts. Their miners are struggling because natural gas is taking over the market for coal. Besides, America only pledged to cut back on 25 percent of its emissions; which it would have achieved without ratifying the accord.

This move is either a very sorry attempt to cover up for the scandals that he is facing back at home or an attempt to get attention after the G7 leaders did not try to hide their dislike for him. Whatever the case, Trump needs to act like an American president and make policies backed by research; instead of making a mockery out of policy making and diplomacy.