OKARA-The political parties are facing difficulties in awarding tickets as Okara district has lost one out of its four National Assembly constituencies after the delimitation process.

Withdrawal of the NA constituency in the district according to new constituencies also created problems for the aspirants of tickets. The Election Commission and the Chief Justice of Pakistan have announced that the general elections would be held on 25th of July, 2018 at all costs.

The PTI is expected to grant ticket to Masud Shafqat Rubera in NA-141, Rao Hassan Sikandar in NA-142 and either Syed Samsam Bokhari or Syed Gulzar Sibtain in NA-143. However, decision of keeping NA-144 as open seems more certain. The PTI, like other parts of the country, is holding meetings on serious issue of granting tickets in the district. The other political parties have not yet stepped in the election arena as none of them has confirmed their tickets to any candidate. Meanwhile, local leaders of all the parties have started flexing their muscles for obtaining party tickets for elections.

COP LOOTS COLLEAGUE: A policeman allegedly snatched cash on gunpoint from his colleague and molested his wife. Constable Asif Mehmood of Narcotics Investigation Unit City Circle went out of home for strolling in Amir Colony.

During their stroll, the couple came across the Elite Police mobile. Elite Police Constable Aftab inquired about Asif Mehmood's whereabouts. When Asif told him about being a police constable, Aftab refused to acknowledge. On gunpoint, Aftab snatched Rs2,700 from Asif. He dragged his wife off the roadside. When the woman resisted, the constable tore her dress. Meanwhile, people gathered there and flattered the couple's release from the grip of elite police.