MIRPUR (AJK)-The Jammu Kashmir National Front (JKNF) has urged the government of India to release before Eidul Fitr the political prisoners of Kashmir including its chairman Nayeem Khan who is languishing in Tihar jail Delhi only for his political ideology.

JKNF Central Senior Vice Chairman Altaf Hussain Wani said while talking to journalists here Friday that all the Kashmiri political prisoners irrespective of their party affiliation are alike and have a common mission. Even they are facing same kind of baseless allegations, he said.

He said in a statement that releasing prisoners on the occasions like Eid etc, has been a tradition of the civilised nations and if Indian claims of being the largest democracy are right it must think and act democratically instead of punishing its political opponents by using its institutions like NIA and ED.

The National Front leader said India being a signatory to the Geneva Convention on political prisoners has the obligation to respect the rights of prisoners but as with other human rights, New Delhi has trampled the right too and is crushing these inmates with impunity.

Wani said that continuous incarceration of Nayeem Khan and other political prisoners is a clear political vendetta so justice loving people within and outside India must raise their voice against the sheer highhandedness and violation of their rights.

"These Kashmiri prisoners are nourishing a just political belief that Jammu Kashmir is s dispute which has to be resolved according to the wishes of the people. New Delhi must understand the fact that it cannot silent the political voices like Nayeem Khan because he has dedicated his life to the Kashmir cause," he said.

"Nayeem Khan has been talking about the political rights of oppressed Kashmiri people ever since his student days. When New Delhi could not break the political will of Nayeem Khan it started conspiring. It is the result of same conspiracy that Nayeem Khan is not provided any medical assistance in the jail despite being suffering from many ailments. However, New Delhi must not forget the fact that Nayeem Khan is not so weak that Tihar jail can break his resolve," the Kashmiri leader concluded.