Karachi - Water has become an issue of life and death for Pakistan, but this issue has yet to catch attention of politicians, who were engaged in petty matters, says Chairman of Coordination Committee of FPCCI Malik Sohail Hussain.

Water availability has dropped from 9000 cubic feet to 900 cubic feet in the last seventy years and scarcity of water might turn Pakistan into a desert.

Pakistan is on its way to becoming the most water-stressed country in the world as the neighboring country is destroying Pakistan through water terrorism, but the government and opposition have no time to think about this critical issue, he added.

Hussain, who has also served as ICCI SVP, said that a reduction of fifty percent has been recorded in the annual snowfall, which has resulted in water shortage of almost sixty percent. This is a great threat to farming communities and the whole population.

The Kharif crop season has started without enough water. Rice, sugarcane, cotton and maize are some of the key crops of the season. Unavailability of water at such a critical time of sowing season is bound to impact food production.

Higher temperatures increase the water demand for both agriculture and domestic consumption and can trigger a full-blown crisis, especially when it is not available, he said.

Forty percent of people in the country would be without water in the next twenty years, paving way for a civil war, he said. The water scarcity can become a reason for the third world war resulting in massive losses, he warned.

Despite the warnings, the general population thinks that authorities do not seem to take water insecurity seriously which is a crime.