ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party senator and former Senate chairman Mian Raza Rabbani said on Saturday that events of the past few days including a resolution of the Balochistan Assembly and various decisions of courts were creating an atmosphere of uncertainty vis-à-vis holding the general election on July 25.

In a statement issued here, Rabbani said that the failure of the state to fulfill its constitutional obligation under Article 224 of the Constitution of holding elections within 60 days would cast dark shadows on the federation.

“The federation under no circumstances can afford a further destabilization of the democratic process as this will lead to severe polarization between the federation and the provinces and also amongst the provinces,” he said.

Rabbani said that the state must realize that using the province of Balochistan for the furtherance of such agendas was only weakening those nationalist elements, who were doing politics within the framework of the Constitution, on the contrary such and other steps will strengthen the narrative of those elements working at the behest of foreign powers in Balochistan.

He said that a delay in the holding of elections within sixty days as provided under Article 224 of the Constitution will also affect the schedule of the election of the president of Pakistan, whose term completes in the first week of September.

He said that the judiciary while exercising judicial review in matters pertaining to or connected with the electoral process must keep in mind the statement of the chief justice that elections will be held on time, and also the provisions of Article 224 of the Constitution.

He said that the Senate of Pakistan now remains as the only elected House functioning under the Constitution. As the Senate represents the provinces and has representation of all major political parties, therefore, a heavy responsibility rests on its shoulder, it needs to monitor and keep in check any or all state functionaries to ensure that the elections were held on July 25.

“I reiterate my demand made in my letters dated 29th May, 2018, that the Senate be summoned or requisitioned immediately to remain in session till the 25th July, 2018 to ensure that elections are held on time in a free, fair and transparent manner as provided under the Constitution, 1973,” he added.