ISLAMABAD - Reham Khan, former wife of PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Saturday generated a new controversy on social media when she accused film as well as TV star and PTI activist Hamza Ali Abbasi of hurling email threats — an allegation that was denied by Abbasi.

In her Twitter message, Reham Khan said that she had been receiving threatening emails from Abbasi since August 2017. She went on to say that “bullies trying to silence me.”

Later, PTI jumped into the controversy and said that Reham Khan had been meeting with Maryam Nawz, daughter of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif through ex-interior minister Ahsan Iqbal and her book, which is yet to be on the stalls, is only a move to demolish the image of a “real” opposition party.

The former TV host, who parted ways with Imran Khan in less than a year after her marriage with the chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have levelled these allegations at a time when she is awaiting the publishing of her book. PTI activists and supporters are considering her book as part of the PML-N campaign to knock down the image of PTI ahead of the July 25 general elections.

Earlier, Reham Khan took to the Twitter and said: “Hamza Abbasi claims he has read manuscript when it’s not been published? Only possible through fraud or theft.”  She also shared a screen-grab of Abbasi’s one alleged email. “Only one email by one PTI member. Bully me more I will publish all one by one!”

Responding to the allegations, Abbasi, who is one of the most vocal supporters of the PTI, denied the allegations of Reham Khan and said that he had never operated the email shared by her.

“Uploading fake emails now? I have never operated this email I guess it takes some intellect to lie properly. Reham bibi, don’t go down this dirty road, you know what your actual emails to me are and ur emails to Ahsan Iqbal & others,” he tweeted. He also shared the some of the screen grabs of conversation of Reham Khan and Ahsan Iqbal that were challenged by some other social media activists as they claimed these as fake.

In another tweet, Abbasi said: “Oh look what i found :-) But off course, aap ki di howee emails sahi aur meri fake haina? Wish it didn’t have to be this dirty but there has to be a public reaction to it since Reham is publishing a book based on lies to manipulate public opinion for N League.”

Earlier, Abbasi had claimed on social media that he had a “very unfortunate experience of reading a manuscript of Reham Khans book.” He said that the summary of the book is that Imran Khan “is the most evil man to walk the face of this planet. Reham is the most pious righteous (Tahajjud guzaar) woman ever and Shehbaz Sharif is an amazing guy!”

Amid this ongoing controversy, PTI Secretary Information Fawad Chaudhry took to the Twitter and said: “We now have solid evidence to prove Reham Khan was meeting @MaryamNSharif through Ahsan Iqbal @betterpakistan so the whole book is an exercise to demolish only real opposition i.e #PTI #RehamOnPMLNAgenda.”

However, some social media activists took to the Twitter and claimed that PTI as well as Hamza Ali Abbasi had jotted down a fake conversation between Reham Khan and Ahsan Iqbal and now they were propagating this. Maham Zaidi through her Twitter handle said that Mr Abbasi had made the fake conversation as the email user name of Reham Khan had been used wrongly at one place. It is “reham.khan1” at one place and at another place; it is “reham.kham1”, Zaidi said.