Lahore - After passage of a resolution by the Balochistan Assembly for one-month delay in the elections and cancellation of delimitation of electoral constituencies by the court, statements by mainstream political parties, interim prime minister, chief justice of Pakistan and the ECP about timely elections are a good omen for continuity of the democratic process.

Courts and other institutions are supposed to perform their duties and they do perform their duties. However, there is a need to deal with consequences of such decisions or resolutions of assemblies through practical steps instead of mere statements.

To sum it up, political pundits are analysing the situation and waiting for results of recent developments and statements issued in reaction to these developments. Although statements about timely elections are encouraging, no practical step has been taken in this regard.

Once the date for elections is announced, it is Election Commission’s responsibility more than any other institution to hold elections on that date. Although the Election Commission is among the institutions talking vociferously about holding the elections on July 25, practically it has stopped receiving nomination papers on the court orders. It means the election process has suffered a blow the very first day. This blow may be temporary but it can give birth to many suspicions and add to the prevailing political uncertainty in the country. Special steps should be taken to hold election on time.



Dilawar Chaudhry