MIRPUR : Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan laid down the foundation stone of Rs 800 million Shah Sultan Bridge in the State’s metropolis on Sunday.

The Prime Minister, on this occasion, briefed about the salient features and importance of the construction of the bridge in response to the long-standing demand of the population of the area in the capital town.

Talking to reporters on this occasion, Farooq Haider said that the construction of the Bridge would not only add beautification of the City, but it would also resolve the fast increasing traffic mess in the capital City to greater extent.

The Prime Minister said that the giant Bridge, a project of mass public welfare of great importance for the citizens of the capital, was being construction in accordance with the report of JICA.

He added that it was also one of the long time demands of citizens of Muzaffarabad, which, he added, was being met through the advent of its construction.

The Prime Minister directed that all the ongoing projects in the State’s metropolis under City Development Projects should be completed within stipulated time frame.

He disclosed that grand parks including Gulshin Allauddin Park and Gojra Park and proposed Karoli were being constructed to provide better outing facilities to the people and beautification of the City.

Farooq Haider said that the walkway at the bank of Neelum River would be upgraded and used as a  carpeted road.

The Prime Minister assured that potable water issue for residents of Muzaffarabad would be resolved through Neelum Jhelum Hydropower project and the issues of sewerage coupled with the plan to address the E-flow  issue, he added.

Haider revealed that another development project of the construction of foot bridge between vegetable market, General Bus Stand and Belanoor Shah would be launched in the next couple of years under the mass public welfare uplift phased programme.