HIV positive is increasing in numbers, especially in children who inherit this disease from their mothers who are affected by their husbands. In the district of Sindh’s Larkana, 157 cases have been registered and shockingly 127 are children and only 30 adults. Earlier this year, (NACP) National Aids Control Programs registered 140 cases from another district of Sindh, Hyderabad.

World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that Pakistan has the highest cases in South Asia, as 25, 000 cases are registered annually regarding HIV disease. HIV is the pre-AIDs virus which attacks the immune system and if this virus is not treated on time, the body’s natural defences are entirely compromised and it becomes AIDS. The disease is transmitted by blood and sexual fluids. When the husbands are affected, surely their partners will be affected and the same is transmitted to the innocent children.

Thus, the health authorities should hold programs or campaigns in order to create awareness about this deadly disease.


Shahraki, May 17.