I go through my day remembering things like telephone cords. –Bruce Eric Kaplan

Bell demonstrates the new telephone connection between New York and Chicago in 1892.

Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray, both independently designed devices that could transmit speech electronically. Bell reached patent office mere hours before Gray. Thus he won the battle over invention of telephone as his patent was passed on March 7, 1876. The first official lines for telephone service were laid down between Boston and Somerville, Massachusetts by early 1877.

Telephone and the telecommunication underwent a revolution in 1980s with the first testing of VoIP service, caller ID and the introduction of mobile phone. However, it was the 21st century innovations in the design of a phone that a telephone moved from a table or console to a man’s palm and pocket. The innovation and technological advancement has made the traditional telephone almost an antique of the previous centuries. Smart phones are the new devices of communication with sophisticated softwares that are used for communication purposes.