LAHORE - Three men, including vice-chairman of a local union council, were arrested after they assaulted a traffic warden near Saggian Chowk on Sunday. The suspects were sent to the lockup after police registered a criminal case against them.  A traffic police spokesman said that traffic warden Naveed stopped a motorcyclist near Suggian Bridge over violation of traffic laws. The motorcyclist exchanged harsh words with the warden and tried to block the road by placing his bike motorcycle in the middle of the road. Later, the motorcyclist came back along with his accomplices and attacked the warden. The local police rushed to spot, rescued the official and arrested the attackers. The police also registered a case against the attacker, identified by police as vice chairman UC/66. The police were investigating the incident. In a press statement, Lahore chief traffic officer Liaqat Ali Malik said that nobody would be allowed to take the law into their hands. He said those who attacked the on-duty official would be taken to task.