In the wake of outbreak of COVID-19, as precautionary measures for all public and private sectors, a lockdown was and is still imposed to an extent. Our beloved country has already faced numerous grave challenges with economic uncertainty, unemployment, and rising poverty.

A lockdown has become necessary to save the nation from a further loss of life. This has led to a temporary discontinuation of all economic, social, and educational activities. Day to day earning has been jeopardized. People are in constant fear of meeting their daily expenses, retracting the virus and suffering from any mental health issues which may arise as a consequence.

The spread of negative news on social media platforms may lead to an adverse effect on people’s mental health. A continual fear of the virus guarantees us nothing good and may only lead to further detrimental consequences. No doubt, following social distancing rules and precautions to save lives from the virus is of utmost importance, but we should also take steps to ensure that we are mentally stable throughout this trying time.