This is regarding recent beheading of a Polish engineer. On behalf of my country, I want to console the aggrieved family of this Polish engineer. I want to appeal to the government of Pakistan to catch hold of these terrorists who are defaming Pakistan and Islam. I am, sometimes, amazed that some of our people think negotiation can be done with such people. How can you negotiate with such criminals? The government should first establish its writ over areas under control of Taliban that have already captured approximately 12,000 square kilometers. These terrorists are to be handled with iron hand and have to be crushed like Sri Lankan forces crushed Tamil Tigers. The terrorists have not just made one Polish company leave Pakistan. They have made sure no Polish, or any other foreign company would invest in Pakistan again. After what these terrorists have done with the UNHCR representative, who was here to help the earthquake-affected people of Balochistan, will the UN ever send its representatives to Pakistan again? I am sure if people of Pakistan did not take a united stand against Taliban, we are heading towards self destruction -DR FAREEHA KHANUM, Mardan, via e-mail, February 9.