LAHORE - Chief Executive Jinnah Hospital Prof Dr Javed Akram has transferred the AMS admin and issued a warning to MS Dr Umer Farooq Baloch for deducting Rs250 from the salaries of the junior staff of the hospital, which had been used to arrange a welcoming ceremony. He took the action on the complaints of the paramedical staff and other junior employees who had informed him that a welcoming ceremony was arranged in the honour of the newly appointed MS Dr Umer Farooq from their salaries. Prof Javed Akram also expressed his anger about the mysterious activities of an outsider Muhammad Zahid, the so-called Public Relation Officer (PRO), for his interference in the hospital affairs. The Chief Executive was informed that Muhammad Zahid was minting money from the hospital staff while introducing himself as PRO Jinnah Hospital and a close friend to MS Dr Umer Farooq Baloach, despite the fact that there is no such post of PRO in the hospital. The hospital sources revealed that a group of victim staff nurses of the hospital had complained to the Chief Executive Dr Javed Akram about mysterious activities of Muhammad Zahid who forced them to pay Rs250 each while introducing self as PRO assigned by the MS Dr Umer Farooq Baloch. They also revealed that the hospital administration deducted the money from the salaries of those employees who refused to pay cash money to the PRO Muhammad Zahid. Talking serious notice of the complaints, the sources said, Dr Javed Akram constituted an inquiry committee consisting of senior doctors to probe into the matter, which submitted a report confirming the allegations. In the light of inquiry report, the sources said, the Chief Executive Prof Dr Javed Akram wrote a letter to MS Umer Farooq Baloch expressing his displeasure and annoyance over the complaints. It is pertinent to mention that Muhammad Zahid was a former contract employee of Services Hospital and PRO Lahore General Hospital (LGH). He had served LGH when Dr Umer Farooq was the MS there and now had 'joined' as PRO soon after Dr Farooq was transferred and posted in the Jinnah Hospital. In this regard, Dr Javed Akram has said he had transferred the AMS and some other admin officials on the complaints of the hospital staff. He said he did not attend the welcoming ceremony of newly appointed MS although the MS invited him as the chief guest. He said he has issued a letter of displeasure to the MS for misusing salaries of the junior staff of the hospital for a useless programme instead of giving attention towards the care of the patients. Dr Javed Akram said he has transferred AMS Dr Qayyum Niazi to another department as a punishment for holding such programme, while such 'rubbish' ceremonies were also banned for the future and had directed the administration not to hold such programmes without prior approval of the Chief Executive. To a query, he said he has also received many other serious complaints against the so-called PRO Muhammad Zahid about his interference in the financial matters, ongoing projects and employment issues which were not tolerable. He said he said action would be taken against him if the allegations were proved.