LAHORE - The Annual Fitness Competition 2009 held at the Royal Palm Gymnasium concluded yesterday after four days of inspiring performances not only by the competitors in age category 21-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, but also by the eager ones in age bracket 41-45, 46-50, 51-55, 56-60 and not far behind were those in age range above 60 years. Important and key components of the Fitness Competition consisted of test of fat level, running, pulldowns, tricep dips, squats, shoulder press, chin ups, bench press, bicep curls and sit ups; there were separate marks for each component and the aggregate total helped to determine the winner and runner up in each age bracket. Admirable were the performances by the younger lot, their regular workouts serving as performance enablers, but also noticeable were the accomplishments of the older ones who succsessfully stumped their age factor while competing for honours. Winners:age 21-25; Rashid Bashir(1st); Malik Abbad(r/up); age 26-30; Imran Chaudry(1st); Bilal Zahid(r/up); age 31-35; Saeed ul Haseeb(1st); Muhammed Aaqif(r/up); age 36-40; Muhammed Amir(1st); Abdul Basit(r/up); age 41-45; Kamran Iqbal Butt(1st); Salman Zia(r/up); age 46-50; Muhammed Shoaib(1st); Javed Raza(r/up); age 51-55; Khalid Butt(1st); Ahmed Najib(r/up); age 55-60; Tariq Saigol(1st); Brig Asad Khan(r/up); above 60; Razak Dawood(1st); Lt. Gen Muhammed Tariq(r/up). Other prize winners were Hamayun Maqbool, Wasif Riaz, Rafia Rehman, Adil Rashid for maximum weight loss and the last one also managed to reduce his waist from 42 inches to 32 inches. Amongst the ladies the winners were Kiran Khan, Rootaba Kashif, Aisha Ahmed, Ambreen Tariq, Naila Tariq and Gule Sahar Nasir.