ISLAMABAD (APP) - About 652.29 thousand tons of gram would be produced during 2008-09 to fulfil the domestic consumption of the commodity as well as for export. An official in the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock told APP here on Monday that several varieties of pulses including mung, mash, gram, red and white lobia was produced in all four provinces of the country. "Pulses were grown over a vast area in the country and was source of income for a large number of farming community in the country particularly living in rural areas where rain fed irrigation system was used for crop production", he added. These pulses were commonly used as a major source of food and there use as snacks were also common among old, young and children. He said that about 15.75 thousand tons of mash was produced during current financial year as the crop was cultivated over 31.52 hectares of land, while mung was cultivated over 231.5 thousand hectare of land to produced 147.55 thousand tons of mung in 2008-09. The average mung production remained about 638.61 kg per hectare, while mash production remained 499.68 kg per hectare during last year, the official said. This year, gram was cultivated over 10.51 thousand hectares of land to get 652.29 thousand tons of crop output as against the last year's total area of 1106.80 thousand hectares with of 474.60 thousand tons output.