MINGORA (Agencies) - NWFP Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti has said girls in the Swat Valley can attend school but must wear veils that cover their heads and faces. The government would do its best to instal religious judges by a mid-March deadline demanded by Tehreek-e-Nifaze-e-Shariat-e-Muhammad (TNSM) Ameer Maulana Sufi Muhammad mediating the talks, CM Hoti told a Press conference on Monday. Hoti was on his first visit to Swat since the peace deal was agreed. He distributed cheques money among the affectees of the conflict. He stated that Shariah (Islamic law) has been enforced in the Malakand Division and, therefore, there is no need to take up arms. Qazi courts would start functioning very soon, he added. The CM said there is solid proof that external elements are spreading anarchy in Swat and the implementation of Shariah is right and it would be implemented in letter and spirit. During a visit to Swat's main city of Mingora where he met with a local jirga, a delegation of the TNSM and local journalists, Hoti told that girls would have access to schooling, but must don the "proper and required dress, which is a culture of this province and Islamic norms." The CM said the government has fulfilled the long-standing demand of the people for the enforcement of Shariah (Islamic judicial system) in the Malakand Division and now there is no need to take up arms, he added. Hoti said he expected there will be enough progress on the matter by mid-March to satisfy Sufi Muhammad. He also warned both sides to be wary of trouble from "elements" and a "foreign hand" who do not want to see peace in Swat. "There is no more room for any bloodshed in Swat as the people of this area have seen much bloodshed and destruction," Hoti said. After a meeting with Maulana Sufi Muhammad, Ameer Khan Hoti addressed the tribal elders and said that outside forces know that during the period of peace they will not be able to spread panic and frustration and peace is the only way to defeat the current anarchy. He further said being Muslim and Pakhtoon the Shariah would be implemented in Malakand division at any cost. "We have a bitter experience of using power now we will depend on Jirga and negotiations." He also appealed to tribal elders, public and social workers to help government to redevelop the Swat valley. The Chief Minister also said that Sufi Muhammad would soon transfer to Imam Dhairi and government will establish an Islamic university under his supervision.