The government has totally mucked up Dr. Qadeer Khan's release. After pressure from US and western countries, the nuclear scientist has again been asked to exercise restraint. It is believed that release of Dr Qadeer was the result of a deal with the government. However, the timing was not right as the country is faced with a host of challenges. With the US Special Envoy on Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, on a visit to the region, the release of Dr. Qadeer seemed mistimed. The government should have shown more responsibility while tackling the issue as after Islamabad High Court decision, a media race kicked off to take Dr. Qadeer on camera. It has become a practice after electronic media boom in Pakistani that every TV channel is running after the news ignoring the implications that it might have. Television channels sometimes bypass all norms in the race for live coverage and even put national interest at stake. Dr A Q Khan's release is a national issue and government should have taken all the stakeholders, including the media channels, into confidence before making any deal for his release. This issue could have been dealt with silently rather than making such a hue and cry. -MUHAMMAD AAMIR, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, February 11.