LAHORE - The Punjab Assembly on Monday passed a resolution condemning what it called 'judicial murder' of the mandate given by 80 million people of Punjab. According to a media release issued by Public Relations Department of Punjab Assembly, the resolution, moved by former law minister Rana Sana Ullah, and unanimously approved by all members present, also rejected court verdict disqualifying PML-N leaders from contesting election. The resolution said that present Punjab Assembly was representative of the people of Punjab and its powers could not be usurped under any constitution or law. "People's voice cannot be suppressed by imposition of Governor's Rule", it further said. "The House is of the view that Punjab's biggest political party, PML-N, cannot be deprived of its heavy mandate it got in February 18 election through undemocratic and unconstitutional steps and by fake court decisions", read the resolution, which also said that this assembly has the right to elect its leader of the House in accordance with wishes of the people of Punjab and no hurdle in this regard will be tolerated.