KARACHI - The Karachi Stock Exchange remained in grip of volatility on Monday as the ongoing political crisis deepened the worries of the investors. The KSE-100 index lost 46.71 points on Monday and closed at 5681 points. The political uncertainty has caused a major blow to the trading volume of the KSE-100 index that fell to 85.35 million shares on Monday as against 161.50 million shares traded on Thursday. Thus, the volume squeezed by 76.15 million shares or 47.15 per cent when matched with Thursday's full day trading volume. On Friday, the KSE held only one trading session and its second session that usually starts after Friday prayers could not take place due to technical problems as a result the volume ended at 57.12 million shares. As the KSE did not start the second session on Friday, the Thursday's trading volume of KSE-100 index befits the comparison of trading pattern on Monday. On Monday, the losers outnumbered the gainers as out of 269 companies traded at Karachi Stock Exchange, the value of the shares of 98 companies edged up, 161 lost their value while the price of 10 companies remained unchanged. The KSE-100 index market capitalization also squeezed to Rs 2.84 trillion (36.89 billion dollars) on Monday, from Rs 2.841 trillion (37.24 billion dollars) on Friday, showing a decline of 0.03 per cent in rupees and 0.94 per cent in the US dollars. The volume leaders were PTC 6.402 million shares, OGDC 5.087 million shares and ZELP 4.762 million shares. The major gainers were Attock Refinery Rs 2.81, PTC 82 paisas, Azgard Nine Ltd 93 paisas and MCB Bank 19 paisas. The important losers of the stock market were BAFL 53 paisas, DSIL 34 paisas, Arif Habib, Jahangir Siddiqui Co, UBL, Bank Alfalah, PSO, Lucky Cement, National Bank Ltd, OGDC, DGK Cement and NETSOL. The major investors and institutions have sidelined from the stock market from the day the PML(N) leaders were disqualified by the Supreme Court that has endangered the political system in the country and triggered uncertainty. On Thursday the KSE-100 index lost 296 points when the news of disqualification of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif hit the market. However, on Friday the market ended on a positive note because of the intervention from the official circles who had asked the key market players not to create further mess and panic at the stock market, capital market sources said. On Friday the Karachi Stock Exchange could have taken a big dip during the second session, but the technical problems saved the stock market from further erosion. Since Thursday last the stock market could have lost around 1,000 points had the officials concerned not directed the market players to abstain from playing with equities, said sources. Stock market analysts said that the renewed tug of war between the PML(N) and the PPP and country-wide protests and demonstrations have spoiled the investment climate at stock market. Now the investors are reluctant to take medium and long-term positions at the stock market because of the increasing political rift and uncertainty in the country, they said. On Monday the top volume leaders were PTCL which traded 6.402 million shares with net gain of 80 paisa in the value of its share. OGDC lost 50 paisas and 5.087 million shares of the company changed hands. The value of NIB closed unchanged, at 4.50 rupees and its 4.758 million shares were traded on Monday. The other volume leaders were the ANL, UBL, POL, JSCL, FFBL, NBP, TRG, ATRL, Lucky Cement, MCB Bank and Bank Alfalah. Stock market analysts and investors urged the PPP government to wrap up the political chaos to save the investment climate from deterioration and to ensure smooth sailing of the major economic indicators of the country. Instead of fuelling tension and anarchy the PPP leaders should stay away from the path of collision and make struggle to harness the political stability and harmony in the country.