KEEPING up with three excited boys on a family day out can't be easy. In sky-high stilettos, Victoria Beckham didn't even try. The mother of three never shies away from a little pain in the name of fashion. But she elevated sartorial suffering to new heights when she insisted on Christian Louboutin high heels for a trip to a theme park at the weekend. In a comfy pair of trainers or flip flops, she would have had no trouble joining in the fun at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. But as she hobbled along in her five-inch heels, her lively sons, in shorts and sensible shoes, were no doubt leaps and bounds ahead. Mrs Beckham's poor feet looked like they needed a day out too. 'Victoria's feet looked almost out of shape,' one onlooker said. 'Her toes were squashed down at the bottom of the shoe and her ankles were forced forward. 'The shoes even look like they were too big for her. There was a huge gap at the back.' The Beckhams were visiting the theme park so Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz could try out a free-fall simulation ride. Jeans, trainers and baseball caps were the order of the day. But Victoria likes to stand out from the crowd. And she did in her sleek black dress, oversize sunglasses and favourite Louboutins. Mrs Beckham, 34, is rarely seen without her heels. Even when she was given the honour of throwing the first pitch at an LA Dodgers baseball game she wore wedges rather than trainers. However, for a family visit to Disneyland in June last year, she managed to slip into something more comfortable, showing off a pair of flip flops. But it was the briefest of dalliances with down-to-earth footwear. 'I just can't concentrate in flats,' she has said. In fact she blames her high heel passion for stopping her working out in the gym. 'I could go to the gym if I wore flats. I'd love to go to the gym but I just can't get my head around the footwear.' - DM