February 5 is a national holiday on which we express sympathy with our Kashmiri brethren that are being tortured brutally at the hands of the Indian armed forces for more than six decades now. Slogans are raised, rallies held, special editions of newspapers taken out, everything that can be done is done to demonstrate our unwavering support for Kashmiris. Barely ten days later comes February 14 and the festival of Basant, pray, what do we do? We spend hundreds of thousands of rupees celebrating a festival that is not even ours but something we have inherited from the Hindu culture. By practicing their traditions so ardently and integrating their festivals into our lives, we are not only cheating our brothers but are also encouraging our enemies. Just like a tree cannot grow without roots, a nation cannot thrive without standing firm on the values and traditions of its own culture. -UROOBA ALAM, Karachi, via e-mail, February 13.