WASHINGTON (AFP) - The Defence Department on Monday sought to clarify comments made by the top US military officer on Iran's atomic programme a day after he said Tehran had enough nuclear material to make a bomb. Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was referring to the amount of low-enriched uranium produced by Iran, which would have to be enhanced to weapons-grade uranium to be used in a nuclear bomb, Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman told reporters. "It's clear they have the capacity to produce low-grade uranium," Whitman said. "When he answered the question about low-grade uranium, it sounded like he was talking about an enriched uranium capability," he said. Whitman blamed media reports for creating "some confusion yesterday." The Pentagon spokesman said Gates and Mullen shared the same view of Iran's nuclear programme and that there was no disagreement. He said "they have the same identical assessments on these things."