ISLAMABAD - The United States, UK and other world powers as well as important Muslim states like Saudi Arabia want the early possible settlement of ongoing political crisis in Pakistan owing to what they fear its adverse impact on anti-terror global efforts. "The US, UK, Saudi Arabia and number of other friendly states have asked Pakistan to defuse the grave political crisis arisen out of Supreme Court's decision to bar Sharif brothers from contesting elections and holding any public office," said a diplomatic source here Monday asking for anonymity. All those states, he said, had expressed serious reservations over the political crisis and said that Pakistan, already confronting the Taliban-led insurgency and bad economy at hand, could not afford political instability. "How could Pakistan afford such a serious political crisis when it is confronted with Taliban insurgency in tribal areas along with grave economic crisis," the source quoted one Western diplomat as questioning top Pakistani officials at a recent briefing arranged for the foreign envoys on current political crisis. He said that despite detailed briefing on the issue by top government functionaries including the Law Minister Farooq Naek, there seemed to be a consensus among the foreign envoys that the decision to disqualify Sharifs could have been delayed at least if it was unavoidable. According to the source, intense efforts were underway behind the scene on the part of major world powers to resolve the political crisis in amicable manner and avert possible harm to the global anti-terror campaign. He said the world powers like US and UK wanted Pakistan to focus on its key role in anti-terrorism efforts instead of indulging in a crisis that could prove catastrophic to its very stability. A Pakistani official, when contacted, confirmed that the international community with UK, supported fully by US, at the forefront was trying its best to defuse the political crisis and persuade the government and former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif for a patch-up as soon as possible.