ISLAMABAD - A group of stakeholders of Marble Industry agreed to form a Strategy Working Group (SWOG) to evaluate how the industry can restore itself through a better strategy. The SWOG has developed a strategy shared and agreed by the private sector and the Government. The SWOG itself has become a recognised private sector-led platform on which all the key players in the value chain, including the public sector have come together. Based on the SWOG strategy, Ministry of Industries and Production has established Pakistan Stone Development Company (PASDEC) under the umbrella of Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC). PASDEC has made a plan to establish 10 Model Quarries, 20 Quarry Up-gradation, 2 Machinery Pools, 4 Common Facility and Training Centres, 2 Warehouses and 7 Marble Cities throughout the country. Out of which 3 Model Quarries at Khuzdar, Chitral and Buner, 5 Quarry Up-gradation at Mastung-1, Mastung-2, Thatta, Buner and FATA, 2 Rental Machinery at Mastung and Buner, One Warehouse at Gaddani, 2 Machinery Pools at Gaddani and Risalpur, have become operational so far during this governments tenure. While one Warehouse at Risalpur and 2 Marble Cities at Risalpur and FATA were ready for inauguration. According to an estimate of PASDEC, 297 billion tons of Marble and Granite reserves were available in Pakistan. More than 1,225 Quarries and 2,000 processing units were operational in Pakistan.