The scale of US enterprise in destabilizing Pakistan can only be understood by finding linkages in seemingly unconnected events writes Shireen Mazari (The Nation February 24). She cannot be more right but the historians may be able to find international linkages running through the ages in the eastwards thrust of the West. Read the major pointers; * In the 1884 Berlin Conference the colonial powers divided Africa and imposed the present day national borders on the continent writes Muhammad Sahnoum in his book Zaire; the final wave. * The 1916 Sykes-Picot Treaty between Britain and France divided the eight Arab countries of the time into the present day 22. * In 1947, the UN passed a resolution for establishment of the state of Israel. Sir Zafarullah Khan, our Foreign Minister at the time, had tears in his eyes that he was not allowed to exercise his free vote. * Around the second half of the 20th century, the west divided Korea into two countries and did so again with Vietnam also. It divided Indonesia into two countriesthe other one is called East Timour these days. UN has nothing to say on Kashmir and Palestine. And now that Richard Holbrooke has landed upon the five Muslim states of the Central Asia, you can be sure there is misery in store for them in the times to come just like the one we and Afghanistan are going through at present. -Z. A. KAZMI, Lahore, February 28.